Fic: No Reckoning Made

Author: gryffindorj
Title: No Reckoning Made
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 22,000
Summary: Trying to remain friends but also wanting more while in the middle of a war is far more difficult than Remus ever imagined. Sirius certainly isn't making it easier on him either.
Warnings/Enticements: Angst, hurt/comfort, fingering, rimming, anal, blowjobs, kissing, handjobs, consent issues, mention of Sirius/others, virgin!Remus

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RS Games! Posting Begins Tomorrow!

For everything there is a season and 'tis the season of RS Games.  The Games are about having fun, spreading the love of our favorite ship, friendly competition, and, of course, going for Puppyshippers’ Gold. Sure it’s a competition between Teams, but it’s really more about making friends, having fun, and storytelling. For the past four months, our fabulous participants have been hard at work creating amazing and entertaining stories and art about our boys, Remus and Sirius.  They've donetheir job, now your job is to read, view, comment, and vote.

This year, we have Team MWPP facing off with Team Post-Hogwarts.  Each team will compete by creating the best stories and artwork possible for readers to enjoy and vote upon.  Starting on October 1st, we will be posting one anonymous story or piece of art per work from each team.  Posting will take place Monday through Friday with weekends off to catch-up. Technically, the two pieces are not competing directly with one another - the Teams are.  Each work is to be enjoyed and voted upon independently, using the guidelines below.

This year’s theme is all about seasons – and all about change. As the earth rolls on her belly, the seasons fly by. The pale-green of spring deepens to the verdant abundance of summer. The riotous reds and oranges of fall eventually succumb to the cold, white winter winds. And then there is rebirth - season after season, year after year, decade after decade.  Stories are like this, too. (And don’t forget that art is story.) There are beginnings and endings, changes and developments, births and deaths, and, of course, many beautiful colors and feelings.  In this fest, seasons can be literal or metaphoric, gentle background or the main focus of the setting, subtle as a spring rain or as forceful as a mighty blizzard. So please join us to see what the seasons can bring!